Unlike other word-building apps, Montessori Crosswords is based on a proven  learning method :

  1. The Movable Alphabet used in this game is a standard Montessori material that helps kids develop their spelling/reading/writing skills. One way to practice word building using the movable alphabet is in conjunction with picture as it is done in this app.

  1. Words are more or less complex from a phonetic perspective, and Montessori methods have classified the different words in three main series which are reflected in the 3 levels of the game. You should choose the level according to the kid’s degree of proficiency.

We have done our best to translate an authentic Montessori experience, while adding all the fun that the iPad/iPhone technology can bring, such as direct interactions, animations, sounds, and automatic crosswords construction.

Age Range

Activities you will share with your kids - or they perform on their own - depend on their current knowledge of letters and their phonetic sounds, so there is no strict age range for this game. You can start playing with letters with your 3 year-old and have a lot of fun - that’s also what our movable alphabet is made for! -, while your 10 year-old will enjoy solving the most difficult crosswords on her own, thus building up her spelling skills. All our crosswords are self-corrective, so that kids can play and enjoy the game whether they are beginners or fluent readers.

Based on the proven Montessori learning method, a fun game to develop spelling, reading and writing skills using a phonics-enabled Movable Alphabet

  1. 320 word-image-audio combinations

  1. Phonics-Enabled Alphabet (letter sounds)

  1. 4 word series of increasing difficulty as defined in the Montessori method according to the phonetic difficulty of each word

  1. You can choose from 44 sound categories - i.e. choose words that contain a specific sound (for example, long a, “k” sound, and so on. (not available on the Mac version)

  1. 21 Fun and colorful interactive visual effects displayed every time a crossword is completed to add some fun! Move your finger on the screen to make the visual effects change and follow your finger!

  1. Also featured is a Standalone Movable Alphabet to have open-ended activities with letters for young children who don’t know letters and their phonetic sounds yet. Letters can be rotated and resized to add some fun!

  1. Letter case choice

  1. Movable Alphabet Layout choice (alphabetically or vowels first and consonant at the end as in the Montessori method)

  1. Different colors for vowels and consonants (Montessori standard colors)

  1. Unlmited Users and reports (iOS only)

  1. Many settings to customize the kids’ experience

Some Reviews From the App Store

Absolute Must

by StockBoy99 on Nov 29, 2010 version 2.0

I use this app ever night for 20 - 30 minutes with my four year old. He loves it, he learning how to read, spell, and pronunciate with this app. He didn't start talking until he was three and half, this app has helped him come so far in a short time. All kids and parents should this app everyday.

Thank You!

Fantastic - best reading tool for my daughter yet!

by Matthew Laurence on Oct 14, 2010 version 1.2

My 4-year-old daughter LOVES this game (...)”

Both my kids love this app and they are learning so much

by Desigirl05 on Oct 25, 2010 version 1.2

A great app.(...)”

Great game

by schuylerk on Oct 18, 2010 version 1.2

“We love Montessori and this game is a great example of why it's such a wonderful teaching method. (...) “

Great app!

by Pont Mirabeau on Sep 16, 2010 version 1.1

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and use this application as a reward for my patients(...)”


Children Technology Review  - “Unlocking the hidden secrets of letters and words just became easier, thanks to this well-designed collection of finger-powered word puzzles”

“it is an extremely powerful early reading experience”.

The app earned 4.8 stars -out of 5- overall rating and 5 stars in educational, design features and good value ratings.

The New York Times  - "The 3-year-old has learned to spell compound words  through an app called Montessori Crossword, her mother said"

Wired's GeekDad - "5 Favorite Apps for Elementary School iPads" - "An excellent tool for learning spelling and early literacy (...) It can build from simple to more complex words making it usable by students from prep through to grade 3 or 4"

CommonSense v1.0 iPad Review (rated 4):

"The best edutainment apps are able to teach kids without condescending to them, and MONTESSORI CROSSWORDS is a beautiful example of this. Its presentation is fun and aesthetically pleasing, but not too sugary as to turn off older kids ...”


crazymikesapps.com (rated 4 and a half) "This iPhone kids app is one of my favorite reading/writing learning apps I have reviewed so far. The application is easy to use for both parents and kids and focuses on reading/writing skills in a fun way."

ikidsapp.com : Best Montessori Apps

Apps For Homeschooling (5/5) “Montessori Crosswords is one of my most often recommended apps to parents teaching with phonics.”

Japanese Review on AppLiv (Review link)

A nice video review from A4CWSN.com (v3)

Also available on Android !

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